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The marine travel expert

The best contact for crew travel with flexible tickets at the right cost.

Seaman rates

Travel4Crew gives you access to very advantageous seaman airfares (one-way, flexible, refundable, extra weight allowance), low cost and published rates, hotel rooms and car rentals worldwide.

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Over 15 years of experience in the marine travel world allows us to understand your specific needs faster than anybody else.

Mega Yacht or small vessel?

We provide a tailor-made service whether you work on a Mega Yacht or a small vessel.

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Cheap marine airfares

We always offer the cheapest and quickest option available-we want you to save money and time.

Available 7 days a week

You can change your trip until the very last minute: we book and issue tickets for published, seamen or low cost airfares 365 days a year.

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Travel fees

Our travel fees are simple: on top of the rate of your flight you will only be charged 20€ for a one-way ticket within Europe or 40€ for all other tickets. Travel4Crew will not charge you for a refund (except the airline fees), and you will not be charged to change the date of your flight on the same airline if there is no difference in the rate.

Travel for Crew: Customer testimonies

I have been using the services of Esther Nissim as travel agent for four years.

During three years we had rotating crew of up to 22, and we were operating double seasons: Med in the summer and Caribbean in the winter, so you can you imagine the amount of turnover!

Our crew is international from Europe to the Southern hemisphere: NZ, South Africa, Australia, even Seychelles.

Travel4Crew is able to provide flights from and to any destination, always with the best fare.

They also provide hotel bookings for crew during turn over.

Short notice and last minute changes are not an issue, Travel for Crew will find a solution. I shall definitely keep on working with Esther in the future.

Ex Captain SY Panthalassa, Patrick Sassier

Over the years that I worked with Esther Nissim on travel arrangements for the Yacht crew & management I have found her services invaluable!

Personalized approach, competence, attention to detail, quick answers – those are only few, but to me, very important aspects of Esther’s services. For a short period of time, I personally, and the vessel, were forced to use another company for travel arrangements. That’s when we could truly see that Esther provides not only a bespoke service but also competitive prices if compared to similar companies in the Yachting and Marine sector.

I am very grateful to be able to use services of Travel4Crew and wish the company prosperity and successful future.

Thank you for all your time and patience!

Purser MY Radiant, Lena Kuznietsova

Quality services

Travel4Crew is a team of travel marine experts, available 7 days a week, with a perfect knowledge of the yachting industry. With Amadeus we have a direct access to the availabilities of all airlines: we can book or change a ticket in 2 minutes. 

Send us an email with your date and itinerary and we will reply with the options available at the best available rate, seaman or not.

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